Top Crypto Prices Are Compactly Sluggish, Except for Dogecoin

Quoting, Dogecoin was also recorded as flying 7.76 percent in the past week and was at the level of US$0.091 per chip.

Meanwhile, solana became the most popular coin with a daily decline of 5.84 percent. However, the solana jumped 15.49 percent on the week and was at $24.38 a chip.

Bitcoin is sluggish again to the level of US $ 29,480 per chip after previously having penetrated to US $ 30 thousand. The number one coin fell both daily and weekly, respectively 1.87 percent and 1.9 percent.

Ethereum also lost 1.1 percent during the day, but jumped 8.32 percent on the week and was at US$2,079 a chip.

Tether is still stable at US$1 per chip with varied movements. BNB was at US$340 per chip, dropping 2.61 percent in 24 hours but rising 4.88 percent in the last 7 days.

XRP was sluggish both on a daily and weekly basis, namely 0.57 percent and 0.56 percent, and was at the level of US $ 0.512 per chip. The polygon and cardano were respectively at the level of US$1.16 per chip and US$0.43 per chip, with movements that were still up and down.

The government still prohibits the use of crypto as a means of payment. However, crypto is a futures exchange commodity, so it can be used as an investment asset or a commodity traded by market participants.